March Tour – Belgium and Germany

The band are back on tour again this March and will be heading out to Belgium and Germany. This will be the bands first trip out to Belgium and they are really looking forward to playing to brand new audiences out there. This tour will also include a trip to the German island of Norderney which is part of the East Frisian Islands at the north of the country.

Check out the dates below to find out if the guys are playing near you or any of your friends:

11/03 Cafe Fogot Ingelmunster BE Info
12/03 Centro Galego de Bruxelas Brussels BE Info
13/03 Folk in’t Stad Antwerpen BE Info
14/03 ‘t Ey Muziekclub Belsele BE Info
15/03 Museum Villa Erckens Grevenbroich DE Info
16/03 Domhan Wuppertal DE Info
17/03 Bannisters Mülheim an der RuhrA DE Info
19/03 FlottmannKneipe Herne DE Info
21/03 TangoBruecke Einbeck DE Info
22/03 Freizeit & Kulturzentrum Neue SchmiedeAA Bielefeld DE Info
23/03/13 Gemeindehaus in der Gartenstaße Norderney DEDE Info

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