USA and Italy!

The band has recently arrived home from our first tour of the USA and Italy!

It was great to meet up with some friends of the band again. At the Old Songs Festival in Altamont, NY we played a joint concert with Matt and Shannon Heaton who we toured with in Germany during the Irish Heartbeat concert series. Also at Summerfest in New Bedford we had the pleasure of sharing the stage with James Keelaghan who we met in February in Memphis.

The Paul McKenna Band and James Keelaghan

We finished our three weeks in America at Common Ground in Maryland. We spent our last week there teaching and playing at the festival weekend. During this time we met some great people, including fantastic musicians.

Our final week of the tour was spent in Italy. It was great to play in the beautiful towns and by the end of our time there we were almost getting used to the heat!

Next stop Germany. We hope to see some of you there!



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  1. suzi b wrote on

    i saw you guys at the old songs festival. that’s where i fell in love with your music and had to buy your cd. can’t wait for more!

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