The Scotsman *** Stem The Tide Review

THE second album from this energetic young band boasts drive and panache, with McKenna demonstrating his ability to really tell a song’s story in the opening Again for Greenland, over a characteristically busy string-driven accompaniment. He goes on to deliver the late Lionel McClelland’s Silent Majority with suitably declamatory passion, while the band get the chance to cut loose on the occasional instrumental.

McKenna’s own compositions Dreams of Darien and Smiling Tears are less memorable, if sung with heart. He has an engaging lilt to his voice which comes over particularly in the lovely old Irish song The Lambs on the Green Hills, although I found his phrasing a bit nailed to the accompaniment. Similarly, I don’t think his passionate delivery of Ewan MacColl’s stark classic, The Terror Time, benefits greatly from such a driven accompaniment, although it does feature some effective vocal harmonies.


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