Taplas Magazine review – Stem The Tide

Two years ago this band won an up and coming artist of the year award for their debut album.  Paul McKenna (guitar), David McNee (bouzouki), Ruairidh McMillan (fiddle), Seán Gray (flute, whistles) and Ewan Baird (bodhran), have again produced a cracking collection of traditional tunes and songs set against much new writing, mainly by the band themselves.

They open with Again For Greeland, a traditional song set to a new tune and continue with Lionel McClelland’s song Silent Majority. Other political songs include John Riley, about an expatriate Irishman who changed sides to flight for Mexico against the USA and Dreams of Darien about the aftermath of the failed Sottish attempt at South American colonisation.

Playing as a band on eleven tracks, they produce an energetic full sound.  On two however, there are only guitars  These show off Paul’s warm voice in his own songs, Smiling Tears and Lionel’s Farewell, a memorial to Lionel McClelland.

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