Its been quite eventful so far. We have been trying to book a lot of gigs this year but still hitting brick walls with some folk but we’ll keep trying. Some of it has paid of and we will be appearing at a number of great festivals alongside some very good bands including Girvan Folk Fest with Lunasa and Rallion, Moniaive with Altan and Cumnock Fest with the Chilli Pipers.

We have just signed a record contract with Greentrax and our first album should be released around the start of 2009. We are all delighted and looking forward to working with Greentrax for as long as they will have us. One of our first gigs this year was at Dunure festival, a great location and festival with some top class acts including Lyra Celtica. It normally happens twice a year so keep checking for the next dates and come along. Free concerts and always a good tune day and night.

Off to Amsterdam this week for another visit to Mulligans. Went last November and cant wait to go back and see everyone, although i will miss the football at the weekend and will be hunting the streets of amsterdam to find somewhere to watch it. Our new website is finished. Thanks to David McNee for this.

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