I often get the complaint “there’s nothing new coming out of Scotland.” Well that’s just wrong, as any fan of the Greentrax Music label will tell you, and the next two CDs I want to tell you about will prove my point. Between Two Worlds by The Paul McKenna Band, is one of the most innovative sounds, contemporary and traditional in the same breath—the future of Scottish music? I hope so. Led by Paul McKenna on guitar and vocals, the band features David McNee on bouzouki, Ruairidh Macmillan on fiddle, Sean Gray on flute & whistle, and Ewan Baird on bodhran. Paul McKenna also wrote several of the songs and some of them will be classics, the title song for one. I spent the better part of a day in the store just playing and replaying this CD, making all my customers listen to it. They liked it.

Jack Baker

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