We recently played at the Edinburgh folk club. Paul and myself have played there before but this was the first time the full band had been. It was a really enjoyable gig and you can read feedback on

The next night we went to the Acoustic Music Club in Kirkcaldy, minus Seán unfortunately although it meant more sandwiches and drink for us!

The next day we headed to Knockengoroch Hairth Festival. We played in the sheilding tent on Fri and the main stage on Saturday. It was the muddiest festival i’ve ever been to but it didn’t stop us enjoying ourselves The garden sessions were hosting the sessions in the long house and they invited us to play on Fri night by the fire. Also playing were the Banana Sessions who we really enjoyed –

We’ll be playing at Celtic Connections 2009 in Glasgow. The date hasn’t been confirmed yet but we will have some copies of our debut album with us ahead of the release date.

Finally, we are going into the studio with Dick Gaughan in a few weeks to record the album. We’ll be at Stirling Folk Club on the 20th Ocotber and Inverness with the Sharon Shannon band on the 7th and 8th November.

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