Help us Raise money for Studio Equipment and New CD


As some of you may know through our Facebook and Twitter accounts we are currently writing and recording our third album. We are all very excited about this and we hope to have it finished for the summer.

For this album we have decided to create our own studio and record the album our selves. This has meant a lot of hard work setting up the studio and using money saved from tours to buy equipment. We have done all we can and now we are asking for help from you. We also have to spend money on getting the album mixed and mastered as well as having the album art work designed. The band has set up a Sponsume campaign to raise money for additional equipment needed for the studio. There are a range of awards available ranging from a free live track to a personal concert from the band!

In setting up and maintaining a studio this is not a short term, one album project, but a long term investment. Having a studio of our own will mean we will have more time to record and a space to rehearse which will be a huge benefit to the band and will help with our continued development. You can donate in any currency and we would greatly appreciate any amount you can give us.

You can find out more about the Sponsume fundraising campaign from:

Thank you for your continued support.

The Paul McKenna Band

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