The Banks Of Newfoundland

Trad. Arr. D. McNee, E. Baird, R. Macmillan, S. Gray, P. McKenna & Brian McNeill/Pub. Grian Music

Holystone  &  Sand

D. McNee, E. Baird, R. Macmillan, S. Gray & P.McKenna/Pub. Grian Music

The band first heard this song from the singing of Siobhan Miller. The instrumental at the end was inspired by many different musical influences from home and further afield.

Paul: Vocals, Guitar
David: Bouzouki, Backing Vocals
Ruairidh: Fiddle, Octave Fiddle
Seán: Flute, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ewan: Bodhrán

O you Western Ocean labourers,
I would have you all beware,
That when you’re aboard of a packet-ship,
No dungaree jumpers wear,
But have a big monkey jacket
Always at your command,
And think of the cold Nor’westers
On the Banks of the Newfoundland.

So we’ll rub her round and scrub her round
With holystone and sand,
And say farewell to the Virgin Rocks
On the Banks of the Newfoundland.

As I lay in my bunk one night
A-dreaming all alone,
I dreamt I was in Liverpool,
‘Way up in Marylebone,
With my true love beside of me,
And a jug of ale in hand,
When I woke quite brokenhearted
On the Banks of Newfoundland.

We had one female passenger,
Bridget Riley was her name,
To her I promised marriage
And on me she had a claim.
She tore up her flannel petticoats
To make mittens for our hands,
For she couldn’t see the sea-boys freeze
On the Banks of Newfoundland.

And now we’re off Sandy Hook, my boys,
And the land’s all covered with snow.
The tug-boat will take our hawser
And for New York we will tow;
And when we arrive at the Black Ball dock,
The boys and girls there will stand,
We’ll bid adieu to the packet-ships
And the Banks of Newfoundland.