Silent Majority

Lionel McClelland/Pub. Grian Music.

Written by our great friend Lionel McClelland.

Paul: Vocals, Guitar
David: Bouzouki
Ruairidh: Fiddle
Seán: Flute
Ewan: Bodhrán

There’s a moral to the story that I’m about to tell
When you take a look around you to see that all is well
Just because you’re cozy
Don’t think the world is rosy
Some people in this world have gone through hell
And the silent majority stayed silent
While the despots murdered millions world wide
And tyrannical purveyors of injustice
Make the law then claim the law is on their side

In Thirty Three in Germany when Hitler came to play
Liberty was gradually eroded day by day
Till they gassed and shot deserters
While the decent people cowered
And thought the things they never dared to say
And the silent majority stayed silent
While they rounded up the democrat and Jew
For the Fatherland they murdered children’s fathers
Who’s only crime was saying what was true

In seventy three in Chile workers marched to show their plight
But the fascist few with guns and mortars showed them how to fight
Then in Santiago stadium
They tortured and they killed
Till they’d smashed the opposition out of sight
And the silent majority stayed silent
While democracy was crushed beneath their tanks
They were murdered in the name of western freedom
With the aid of planes donated by the Yanks

Then in Peking a million people gathered in the square
Students workers wives and children, hope was in the air
As they stood in peaceful protest
They were massacred unarmed
They annihilated hundreds that were there
And the silent majority stayed silent
While they executed dozens in their name
And the people’s army turned upon the people
And corruption reigned supremely once again

South Africa, Cambodia, Great Britain and Iran
Every nation state in history since history began
Since the son of man was martyred
To pay the price of sin
I sometimes think our savior died in vain
And the silent majority stayed silent
While they crucified the lamb upon a hill
He was murdered in the name of religion
And if Christ returned they’d crucify him still

Their propaganda twists the facts before your very eyes
And with thin threads of truth they’ll weave their wicked webs of lies
Like Jesus was a heretic
And Caesar was a god
And pity help who’d dare to criticize
If the silent Majority stays silent
Then the evil men will surely have their way
Stem the tide before he deluge; that’s the moral
If we don’t speak up we’ll all be swept away