Guntmars Stolen Gummistiefel

Baby Rory’s
Michael McGoldrick/MCPS and PRS

Tune for Jings
Seán Gray/Pub. Grian Music

Guntmar’s Stolen Gummistiefel
Seán Gray/Pub. Grian Music

The first tune is a popular slip jig written by Michael McGoldrick. Tune for Jings is dedicated to a certain someone who gave us valuable advice in the past. The last tune was written for our great friend Guntmar, who has had some unfortunate luck with his welly boots.

Paul: Bouzouki, Guitar
David: Tenor Guitar
Ruairidh: Fiddle, Octave Fiddle
Seán: Whistle, Flute
Ewan: Bodhrán
Conor McCaffrey: Tenor Banjo