Stadtgarten-Pavillon Gelsenkirchen on 15/07/12

We’re excited to be playing at the Sommersound festival in Gelsenkirchen on the 15th July. We played the festival a couple of years ago and are looking forward to catching up with old friends and meeting new ones!

2 Comments “Stadtgarten-Pavillon Gelsenkirchen on 15/07/12

  1. Hiya Lads, I have had a brilliant night, enjoying you play in Gelsenkirchen !! I´m half English/Scottish, and I live in Germany, so I was SO MADE UP you played tonight!!!!! EXCELLENT!!! I was the one in the hat!! I will post the last song on Youtube. “AkubraBromptonGirl” I had a blast THANK YOU!!!

    • David wrote on

      Hey Anita, thanks so much for coming to the show and for posting! Glad you enjoyed it. Check our tour dates, we’ll be playing near Gelsenkirchen in October.

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