The band are playing Jura Music Festival on Saturday 29th September!

The ‘Isle of Jura Music Festival‘ Organising Committee is a charitable, unincorporated association. Our purpose, as recorded in our constitution, is to organize and run a Music Festival on the Isle of Jura, provide opportunities for young people to learn/improve their music based skill and help them refine and develop those skills in the future. By bringing in top class musicians every year to perform and run workshops, the instruction and inspiration they provide is invaluable. Through our youth education programme we have been able to help through a small annual grant, a number of young people to fulfill their potential and follow their chosen path.

The island has a wealth of musical talent. As well as Pete Smoke and the Roaches, one of the best cover bands on the West Coast, there’s RSAMD graduate and fiddle player Simon Moran from Deoch n Dorus; his singer/songwriter brother Danny Moran, a top traditional musician now based in Dublin; their local partner in ‘crime’  from ‘Cum-A Dol’  the excellent accordian player Graham Rozga, the talented musicians of Birlinn Brew and one of the stalwarts of West Coast style, David MacDonald is an established box player and released two albums with the Jura Ceilidh Band.

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